Trial of the Golden Witch (Lyrics)

18 Apr

(song forthcoming)

Where do you have to be
if you wanna play guitar?
In life,
in location,
in standpoint—
I wonder
where you have to be
to play guitar.

(And even worse, where do you sing?)

For a rock band
that doesn’t play rock and roll like you want it.
In that way, you don’t want it.

What do you do when you play it?
I wonder what it’s like when you don’t want it.
Cause I know you don’t want it—I know
You never wanted this.
When it comes on, you’ll bitch and bitch.

It’s not the best.
It’s not what what you were hoping for—
What you were waiting for—
What you expected.

So it’s not very good.
We’re not very good.
Not even slightly good.
Not what you would listen to,
Not what you wanted.

We are Trial of the Golden Witch.
We’re nothing else.
We’re only Trial of the Golden Witch.

[What kind of douche brings out a phone during a recording?
Fuck the black guy.]


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