Prologue: The Watching…

19 Apr

(From Dark Dreams at the End of the World)

Prologue: The Watching…

“What am I doing?”

“I am coming to a decision on how to begin the next experiment.”

“I’m starting a new project?”

“Yes, I am.”


I shift my weight. The bed is uncomfortable.

“Why didn’t I know about that?”

“Because I was asleep.”

I roll over onto my stomach, sliding my folded hands under my chin, and start bouncing my feet against the mattress.

“Was I one of the other ‘mees’ that I always mention?”

“I was.”

“Oh. How did it turn out?”

“I gathered some useful data, though the nature of the test subject allowed Levi to locate and eliminate it easily.”

I scoff. “Levi’s always in my way. Why don’t I just kill him?”

“I will not kill Levi because his actions also present useful data.”

I tuck my mouth into a frown, unsatisfied with my decision.

“Actually, what I really wanna know is why he isn’t trying to kill me.”

“My theory is that Levi shares an interest in the results of my experiments.”

I roll onto my back again and heave a heavy sigh, putting my arm over my eyes to block out the ceiling light.

“What’s going on?”

“I am coming to a decision on how to begin the next experiment.”

“Right, that’s what I was planning to do tonight.”

“Had I forgotten?”

“I had a feeling that’s what I was gonna do, but I wasn’t too sure.”

“I need to begin making considerations about the nature of my next subject,” I say in a tone that hints at my desire to get things underway.

“What’s the primary objective of this experiment?”

“Based on the data gathered from the previous experiments, I am ready to conduct the final test. I will create a being with the same capabilities as myself.”

I feel a little jolt of surprise run through me. “Can I really do that? When I got my powers from The Watching, he said I still wasn’t considered a ‘god.'”

“I do not know. If I did, I would not need to run an experiment.”


“My primary concern is that whereas my powers were given to me, the test subject will be born with them.”

“What kinda subject am I gonna create?” I ask, not really caring about the technical details.

“Am I referring to the nature of the body and mind of the subject?”

“Yeah. Is it gonna be a boy or a girl?”

“The subject will be female. I have concluded from past experiments that I am incapable of understanding a male subject.”

“How old is she gonna be?”

“The subject will be born at the age that I was when I received my powers. The purpose of such is to test the difference between receiving the powers and being born with them.”

“Sounds good to me. I’m sure I’ve got the rest figured out.”

“I do.”

I remove my arm from over my eyes and sit up.

“Have I figured out how I’m gonna do the test?”

“I have. I am going to begin the experiment immediately.”



With a single thought, the experiment begins.


-The Watching… ends-


-Scarlet City begins-

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