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8 Jan


Dying in games

Why grinding is fun…?

The trouble with flow-based games

A podcast with a lengthy discussion of Dark Souls and more

Works as context for one-another

The fandom of media vs. the cult of the work

Stuck at the end of two platformers

Games that are their own reward

Media Journals

[Game Specific]

Tera solo leveling guide: 1 to 60 with Falario Fa!

Skullgirls is sexy, not sexist

The meaning of EP – of Sword and Sworcery

The Opening Arcs of Three Mass Effects

A review of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

Adventures in Tera: Chasing Moby Dick

2D Metroidgasm

A “Quick” Review of Bioshock Infinite

Metroid: Zero Mission – fear and power

Killer7 is awesome, but seriously, fuck this game

Izuna 2 quickly gets old

I love my pink gay elf (Tera)


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